For almost a year now Ziotech has been working with the Dubai Airport to install, commission and manage their flight information display system. With more than 2 thirds of the screens at the airport being managed by Ziotech, there is round the clock service provided by our team to help both from the point of view of both hardware and software.

Ziotech is immensely proud and thankful to the Samsung and the Dubai Airport team for entrusting them with the integration of such a crucial system. This mass roll out has been supported by the latest Samsung SOC technology, and DA was the first governing body to have adopted this product and converted their FIDs to a cloud system.

SoC technology that is changing how digital signage is being operated. SoC, short for System-on-Chip, is the technology that integrates all key computer components into one little compact board. This means that the kind of computing horsepower and gear that used to be contained in boxy personal computers is now small enough to be built right inside devices. As a result, commercial display panels with embedded SoC technology can now be used as digital signage media players, negating the need for external players. This simplifies the operation of digital signage networks.
Ziotech enjoys working with the latest technologies especially in the AV sector, and SOC based FIDs screens are another feather in the cap for the team.