Ziotech, an industry leader

Ziotech is a system integration firm with 14 years of experience across the Middle East, India and Africa. With humility, we began our journey in 2003 as a specialized Audio-Visual company, and now provide complete turnkey ICT solutions. We have successfully handed-over some of the most prestigious projects across the region, and have created state of the art solutions for our niche customers. Technology is constantly evolving, and therefore so is Ziotech. We have not only expanded our service offerings, but we have also focused on the quality of the services we offer. We never bite more than we can chew, as we believe in providing our clientele the attention, care and support that they require. We believe that each client is unique, and therefore we customize our solutions to address the client requirements within their budget.

Ziotech has a long standing relationship with some of the most prominent manufacturers within the security, AV and IT industries – however, we put our customers need at the forefront and choose the brands without any biases. We are brand agnostic and that has been instrumental in giving us the flexibility, knowledge and skills that our clients require.

Ziotech is at the forefront of catching the technology wave, and has established a very strong foothold in the retail, hospitality, healthcare, aviation, education, corporate and residential sectors. With the top-notch programmers, partners and designers Ziotech is able to provide solutions that are forward looking and bring tremendous value to customers that would like to integrate their future requirement on the current platform.

Our people are the key to our success, and therefore we pride ourselves in the team and the culture we have built within the company. We ensure that we train our staff, and invest in their betterment. That has been our winning strategy as this has helped us win the trust of our clients. Ziotech has a very strong foundation, a very strong knowledge base and a very competent team that will continue delivering the latest solutions with utmost integrity.

What We’ve Done


We firmly believe that improving the built environment through technology would undoubtedly benefit people inhabiting it. The future where fully digitalized spaces are considered a natural surrounding is coming, and we are here to facilitate it.  Here’s a few facts that support our thinking:

  • Technology is not luxury –  it has become a necessity for optimizing the productivity of people and enterprises.
  • The environment we live and work in has a direct impact on our mental and physical well-being, and technology can play a vital role in creating a long term positive impact.
  • We work with the best of technologies and people to ensure that the implementation, and transition into the industry 4.0 revolution is smooth
  • We work very closely with our partners and clients to ensure the post sales maintenance is upto the mark and our engineers are very quick to respond to challenges on site


Ziotech is always on the lookout for talented people. Head to our Careers page to see available positions or make a speculative application.

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